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Musical Towers - Largest Instrument of the World  


Carillon - small size»

Counselling, projecting and establishing of small concert carillons. Minimum 29 bells. Keys for both manual and pedal.


Carillon - large size»

Counselling and projecting and establishing of large concert carillons. Maximum 74 bells. For larger towers and bigger bells. Keys for both manual and pedal.



Counselling, projecting, establishing and educational courses for handbellteams. Import of modern American welltuned handbells. Teambuilding through humorous musical cooperation.


English Changeringing»

Counselling, projecting, establishing and educational couses for changeringing-teams. Courses in both Denmark and England at picturesqes and historic places. Cooperation with The Ringing City of York. Teambuilding through sporty musical cooperation.


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